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Defamation specialist

Defamation specialist

Defamation specialist

What does it mean to be a defamation specialist

If you have been defamed on the internet or on social media, it is likely that this is something that you are no accustomed to. Research we have conducted has shown that nearly 95% of people who had been defamed on the internet have struggled to locate a defamation specialist who they felt they could relay on to give them appropriate, fast and effective legal advice.

Defamation specialist advice

Defamation specialist advice would cover advice which goes far beyond the legal aspects of a defamation case. With all due respect to defamation law, reality often dictates that you take a pragmatic of your position, which takes into consideration your unique circumstances, your goal, aspirations, and future plans. Any defamation specialist advice must therefore be given to you in real time and by advisors who understand that once the defamation case is over, there is only one person who will have to continue to live with whichever outcome was achieved. And this person is unlikely to be the lawyer, or your defamation specialist but it is you, your family, and your business, if the defamation relates to a company.

Experience in delivering specialist defamation advice

Our defamation specialist lawyers have delivered hundreds of hours of defamation legal advice, over the past 25 years. Our defamation lawyers come from different backgrounds, and are passionate about finding ways to resolve challenging in a way that would enable you, as a client, to move on with your life in the quickest and the most effective way. We want to see you coming at the other end of the difficult situation you have found yourself in stronger and more robust.

Defamation legal advice with thinking outside the box

Our defamation specialist team is trained up to deliver tailored made defamation legal advice. Some defamation cases might see you having your case settled very quickly, with a co-operative defendant, whilst others might consume must more resources before they are resolved. One of the key factors to secure a successful resolution to defamation cases at early stages, is to have good understanding of the individual at the other end. The one who is posting the defamation and who might feel very strongly that they are entitled, for whatever reason to post defamatory posts about you or about your organisation. It is a specialist feature of our advice to focus on there other side, the other person, and to find ways to get through to him or her, with a view of encouraging them to do the right thing as quickly as possible. This approach might involve some investigatory work and an understanding of what this individual believes that they are entitled to post defamation and take steps to guide them through to doing the right thing. You should expect a defamation specialist to be creative in finding ways to have the matter resolved for you, rather than simply demonstrate an understanding of the law of defamation.

  • Defamation against a company

  • Defamation against a company – Can a company sue the defamer for damages?

    Occasionally a spate of defamation against a company, particularly on the various investors’ forums, has the potential of influencing the company shares price which means there could be a sizeable portion of shareholders who lost some of their money as a direct result of defamation against the company.

    In such case, can a company sue the defamer for damages for the loss of value of its shares?

    The general answer is no because the company and its shareholders are separate legal entities, the shareholders will need to sue for damages independently of the company, after all, it is the individual shareholders who lost their money following the defamation on the company as opposed to the company itself.

    Letter of apology for defamation – defamation against a company

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  • Defamation by shareholders

    Defamation by shareholder legal advice

    Defamation by shareholder

    How incredible it is that a single shareholder in a PLC  can cause the company tremendous amounts of financial damage just by using Twitter and other social media. Defamation by shareholders, often disgruntled shareholders, against their own company, is one of the most irrational acts that we have seen in recent years.

    In the case of the international gold mining company RRR and its shareholder Gary Carp, the consequences of Mr Carp posting defamation against the company were particularly serious to the company and to the thousands of investors who at one point saw the value of their shares plummeting very sharply.

    The company was left with no choice but to issue legal proceedings against its shareholder in order to protect the interest of the rest of its shareholders who were being scared off by dangerous speculation and  by highly defamatory conversations that Mr Carp initiated on various investors’ forums.

    This was probably the first ever case in the UK of a PLC suing a shareholder over defamation on internet forums and on Twitter. The dilemma that the company faced,  whether legal action for defamation against a shareholder would be viewed as a bullying act or  whether it would be accepted as an act of protection, appreciated by other investors, was resolved very quickly when following the successful law suit, it received nothing but positive and encouraging feedback from its investors. The investors viewed the initiation of legal proceedings against their fellow shareholder as a demonstration of leadership by the company’s board of directors rather than an oppressive act and their confidence in the company grew.  Read about the case of  legal action against a shareholder instructed by Cohen Davis solicitors here.

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